Photo Booths

Magic mirror in use

We offer a State of the art Magic Mirror which can be set where space is limited.

Our magic mirror booth is ideal for Weddings, Birthday’s, corporate events, and parties.

Play around with our creative software that allows facial recognition. Add digital props, Emojis, Hats, Feather Boas and Glasses to all your photo’s.

The magic Mirror unlike a standard Photo booth enables you to get more people into  photo as you are not limited to the size of the booth.

Take full-length photo’s, branded photos on our reflective 70-inch touch screen. Choose from 100 + animations and use our touch screen paint pad.

Add the Green Screen to put you in many locations or situations choose from a vast array of pictures in our library.

Your Guests Can Print if they want to. They can also send photos by text or email and now WhatsApp. You get a memory stick with all the pictures at the end of the evening plus we can share to social media.

When booked along with our Disco we are able to give quite a substantial Discount. Also we don’t pack up the Photo Booth Until the Party is finished

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